Treatment Fee’s

General Dentistry

Check up and Teeth Cleaning

Treatment   Price
Check up   €29
Consultation and prescription   €40
Digital X-ray   €15
Check up and teeth cleaning (scale and polish   €70
Deep teeth cleaning per visit   €40
Teeth cleaning (scale and polish)   €49
Teeth cleaning (air-flow)   €69
Teeth cleaning intensive   €89

Gum treatment and Fillings

Treatment   Price
Advanced gum treatment – per visit (hygienist)   €40
White fillings (composite resin)   €70-130
Silver filling (amalgam)   €60-120


Treatment   Price
Whitening (take home kit)   €169
Whitening (in office)   €259
Top up whitening syringe   €20

Root canal and Crowns

Treatment   Price
Root canal treatment   €300-600
Core/ post preparation   €150-250
Porcelain crowns   €400-600
Porcelain Zirconia   €700
Porcelain bridge (per element)   €400-500
Porcelain veneers   €600
Crown re-cementation   €50-60

Other treatments

Treatment   Price
Acrylic-basic dentures   €300-450
Metal based dentures   €650-900
Sports guard   €150
Night Splint (for night time grinders, soft type)   €150-250
Acrylic denture repair   €50-100
Fissure sealants – fluoride grove protection for children   €30
Fissure sealants – fluoride grove protection for children   €60-100

Oral Surgery


Treatment   Price
Routine Extraction   €70-120
Surgical extraction   €150-270

Additional services

Treatment   Price
Oral Surgery Consultation (X-rays not included)   €50
Wisdom tooth Extraction (fee depending upon the complexity and the duration of the procedure)   €180-270
Apicectomy per tooth (additional teeth in the same procedure charged at a lesser amount)   €400
Treatment of Dental Cyst   €400-500
Exposure of Impacted tooth   Assessment Required
Ridge smoothening   Assessment Required


Consultation and Diagnostics

Treatment   Price
Initial consultation (18 years old or younger)   FREE
Initial consultation (over 18)   €50
Diagnostics and treatment planning   €80

Interceptive treatment

Treatment   Price
with removable appliances   €500
with fixed appliances   €800


Treatment   Price
Metal fixed braces (both arches)   €2,800
Metal fixed braces (one arch)   €1,800
Clear braces (both arches)   €3,200
Clear braces (upper only)   €2,000
Minor teeth adjustments   €1,000


Treatment   Price
Invisalign lite (one arch)   €3,200
Invisalign lite (both arches)   €4,200
Invisalign full   €5,500

Treatment   Price
Braces adjustment   €100
Other adjustment   €50-100
Minor tooth alignments   €1,000
Retainer   €200
Retainer removable   €200-350

Braces adjustment for patients from other clinics

Treatment   Price
One arch   €150
Both arches   €200

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